Who Are The 17 Prophets In The Old Testament

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The Bible is packed with remarkable stories of courageous prophets delivering vital messages from God to His people. In the Old Testament, seventeen prophets are specified by name.

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Who Are The 17 Prophets In The Old Testament?

The Bible is packed with remarkable stories of courageous prophets delivering vital messages from God to His people. In the Old Testament, seventeen prophets are specified by name. Their lives were marked by unusual courage and faith as they obeyed God‘s will and shared His message with the world. Here we take a look at the prominent individuals who were known as God’s spokespersons in a distinctive era of human history.

The first of the seventeen prophets mentioned in the Old Testament is Moses. He was chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and eventually reach the Promised Land. His authority was not only respected by the Hebrew people, but it was also recognized by Pharaoh and the Egyptian court. Moses is recognized as a great leader and lawgiver, as his writings make up much of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.

The next Old Testament prophet was Aaron, the brother of Moses. He served as Moses’ right-hand man in the mission of leading the Israelites out of slavery and into freedom. Dubbed ‘the mouth of Moses,’ Aaron spoke to Pharaoh in Moses’ stead and played the important role of mediator between the Hebrews and their oppressors.

The third prophet mentioned in the Old Testament is Joshua, who led the Israelites following the death of Moses. His leadership was marked by courage, passion, and unwavering determination as he carefully conquered the Canaanite cities and governed a nation of newly-freed slaves. Under his direction, Israel entered the land that was promised to them and laid the foundations of their nation.

The fourth prophet from the Old Testament was named Samuel. He was the last and greatest of the Judges of Israel and served as a spiritual leader and prophet. Samuel warned of the impending danger from neighbouring nations and anointed Saul as the first king of Israel. His prophetic revelations were seen as spoken directly from God and were regarded with great reverence.

After Saul’s death, David was anointed king of Israel by Samuel. His leadership was greatly praised, particularly since he united the kingdom of Israel and laid the foundations of a powerful and prosperous nation. David’s reign was known for its peacefulness, military successes, and faithfulness to God.

The sixth Old Testament prophet was Elijah. He famously confronted the evil King Ahab and the pagan priests of Baal on Mount Carmel, leading to a powerful demonstration of God’s power that strengthened the faith of the Israelites. His courage, faith, and unwavering commitment to God made him one of the most beloved prophets in the Bible.

Following Elijah was Elisha, a prophet of the northern kingdom of Israel. He is known for his devotion to Elijah, whose cloak he inherited and used to perform many miracles. Elisha’s prophecies were powerful and encouraging, and his steadfast commitment to God was admired by all.

The eighth Old Testament prophet was Isaiah, son of Amoz. He was a vocal proponent of the faith of the Hebrews and his orations and teachings were seen as inspired by God. His messages were often dire and full of warnings, but they were also inspiring and encouraging.

The ninth prophet was Jeremiah, who served as a powerful advocate for the faith during the turbulent reign of King Zedekiah. His prophetic warnings were ignored by the king and the people of the nation and eventually led to the downfall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple.

The tenth and eleventh Old Testament prophets were Ezekiel and Daniel, both of whom were exiles in a foreign land. Daniel was able to interpret the dreams of the Babylonian king and is known for his remarkable courage and faithfulness in the face of certain death. Ezekiel’s prophecies were known for their gloom and doom, but also for their encouragement to turn from wickedness and towards God.

The twelfth prophet was Hosea, who is known for boldly condemning the sins of the northern tribes of Israel. His remarkable faithfulness and commitment to God in the face of overwhelming odds is an inspiration to all who read his words.

The thirteenth prophet was Joel, who shared a powerful message of judgment and grace. His words were seen as having a direct impact on the spiritual life of the nation and his prophecies were seen as relevant to all people, even in distant lands.

The fourteenth prophet was Amos, who had a strong message of social justice and urged the people of the land to treat each other with kindness and mercy. His message was not popular in his day and his prophetic career was marked by hardship, but his words still resonate with people today.

The fifteenth prophet was Obadiah, whose words were seen as a call to repentance for those who had forsaken God. His words were often filled with stern warnings and dire prophecies, but his message of hope and redemption was encouraging for those who heeded his words.

The sixteenth prophet was Jonah, who was sent to Nineveh to call the people of the city to repentance. His words were seen as a reprimand from God, but his message of radical forgiveness was powerful and life-changing.

The seventeenth and final Old Testament prophet was Habakkuk. His prophetic words were filled with questions and doubts, but also with faith and hope. He is known for his courage in speaking truth even in the face of opposition and his words still challenge and inspire people today.

The seventeen prophets of the Old Testament were all remarkable individuals whose lives and legacies are still influencing the world today. From Moses to Habakkuk, their words still speak to us and their actions inspire us to remain faithful to God regardless of what we face or where we may be.

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