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The New Testament of the Bible has been a major source of inspiration and guidance for people around the world for millennia.

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When Was The New Testament Written?

The New Testament of the Bible has been a major source of inspiration and guidance for people around the world for millennia. But when exactly was the New Testament written? While this answer may seem simple – the New Testament was written between 45-110CE – it is the result of centuries of analyzing, comparing, and dating of manuscripts and other written documents.

The New Testament consists of 27 books that contain the teachings of Jesus and His disciples. Scholars believe that the earliest of these books, the “Gospel of Mark” was written somewhere between 45-60CE. It is believed that the Gospel of Mark may have been written as early as the year 45, with the other books following soon after.

The New Testament is mostly believed to have been written in Greek. This is based on the fact that most of the surviving manuscripts are written in the Greek language. Among these manuscripts are the famous “Codices” – parchment books written in the late 4th century – as well as other material such as fragments and papyri that date from even earlier.

The dating of the New Testament is complicated by the fact that it wasn’t all written at the same time. The Gospels, for example, were likely written in the mid to late 1st century, while some of the epistles and the book of Revelation were written decades later.

The New Testament has also been shaped by centuries of continuing edits and revisions. In the early centuries of Christianity, texts were often re-written and edited to clarify points, add more information, or make certain stories more relevant to the audience. This is why many passages in the New Testament are not consistent across all manuscripts.

The New Testament has been a major influence on Western culture and Christianity for centuries. Its message of hope, love, and peace continues to inspire people today and its words remain as relevant today as they did when they were first written, many centuries ago.

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