What Religion Was Rafael Correa

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Rafael Correa is a Catholic. During his presidential inauguration, Correa was sworn in on a bible and was respectful of the country’s religious heritage as he took the oath of office.

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What Religion Was Rafael Correa?

Rafael Correa is a Catholic. During his presidential inauguration, Correa was sworn in on a bible and was respectful of the country’s religious heritage as he took the oath of office. Correa stated at the time, “Only God is above the law,” a statement of strong faith in Catholic governors and an unmistakable reference to the country’s religious heritage.

Throughout his time in office, Correa consistently demonstrated his Catholic faith with many of his political decisions and stances. For example, while Correa was president, the Ecuadorian Congress passed a law that banned abortion under any circumstance, something opposed by most Catholic denominations. He also opposed same-sex marriage in the country, and he made other decisions that demonstrated his belief in traditional Catholic values.

Aside from his political decisions, Correa also participated in many religious activities while in office. During his presidential campaigns, he joined in ecumenical gatherings in both Catholic and Evangelical churches. He also engaged in charitable works, such as visiting children’s homes and hospitals, and he participated in religious events, such as processions and celebrations dedicated to patron saints.

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