What Are Jewish Spiritual Leaders Called

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Jewish spiritual leadership is an ancient and storied practice that dates back to biblical times. In Judaism, there have been multiple types of spiritual leaders throughout its long and complex history.

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What Are Jewish Spiritual Leaders Called?

Jewish spiritual leadership is an ancient and storied practice that dates back to biblical times. In Judaism, there have been multiple types of spiritual leaders throughout its long and complex history. In some cases, these have been recognized in formal, hierarchical ways, while in other cases they have been more informal—or even unrecognized—spiritual authorities.


Perhaps the most widely recognized Jewish spiritual leader is the rabbi. The Torah and Talmudic traditions are both based on the rabbinical teachings of the ancient Hebrews. The word ‘rabbi’ is derived from the Hebrew word ‘rav,’ which means ‘great one.’ Rabbis are responsible for teaching and providing guidance to their students and congregants. They are often responsible for providing religious services—such as leading a service at a synagogue—and making key theological and spiritual decisions. They also often give sermons, lead discussions and lectures, and administer various rites and rituals, such as weddings and circumcisions.


Another type of Jewish spiritual leader is the Reishayim. This term is derived from the Hebrew word for “two,” and it refers to two rabbis who jointly lead a community or congregation. In some cases, the two rabbis can act as a unit—essentially a two-person rabbi partnership—while in other cases, each rabbi may lead the community independently. The Reishayim can act as a unified spiritual authority, making decisions together and providing counsel and guidance to the community.


The term ‘Kabbalists’ refers to Jewish mystics who practice the esoteric branch of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah. Kabbalists can fill various roles, ranging from spiritual advisors and teachers to healers and shamans. They are often known for their use of mystical language, symbolism, and ritual. Kabbalists are traditionally seen as having deep insight into the divine, and they often seek to reveal and share this wisdom with their students. In some cases, Kabbalists may also become involved in the governance of a Jewish community.


A ‘Chazzan’ is a Jewish cantor—a singer who is trained in the use of nusach (specialized prayers) and the traditional modes of chanted prayer. The cantor is responsible for leading the congregation in prayer, and the Chazzan is typically the primary religious leader in a synagogue. The Chazzan has been a spiritual leader in the Jewish community for centuries, and their roles include providing musical accompaniment to religious services, singing special psalms or chants, and giving spiritual advice to congregants.

Lay Leadership

Finally, there is also a long history of lay or non-ordained leadership in the Jewish faith. Lay spiritual leaders, such as teachers, counselors, and mentors, have been an integral part of the Jewish community for centuries. Lay leaders have the power to influence their congregations on a spiritual level, and they serve an important role in providing guidance and counsel to individuals and communities. Lay leadership can be particularly important in times of crisis and during spiritual transformation.

In sum, Jewish spiritual leadership has taken many forms throughout its long history, ranging from formal rabbinical leadership to more informal lay leadership. All of these leaders have played an important role in providing spiritual guidance and support to the Jewish people.

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