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The Concept Of The Passing Of Time In The Bible

Written by Bible Hint

January 25, 2022

time and age in the bible

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Is Time Mentioned In The Bible?

The Genesis story in the Bible is the first story in the old testament.

It shows how the world was created in seven days.

It tells us that the world and all life was created in six days and on the seventh day God rested.

As we know it today, seven is a number representing completeness and perfection.

The Bible agrees with this idea. The last book of the Bible tells about seven trumpets which will sound to announce the end of times. In other words: when the seventh trumpet sounds, everything is coming to an end.

The Significance Of The Number 7

Also in Daniel 12 it says that a certain period of time will last seven “weeks”.

However, there are some very interesting things about the number seven which deserve your attention.

The first thing we need to know is that God did not create a perfect world.

The world was perfect when God created the first man Adam and his wife Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Also, we do not know how old Adam was because there is much confusion about it. Some say he could be just ten years old when he got created but others say that he must have been a bit older because according to Genesis 1 he had already eaten some fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Most likely, he was just around twenty years old.

The next interesting thing is that Adam lived for nine hundred and thirty years which comes to an average of seventy three years per each decade.

Considering this fact one could argue that seven represents a perfect life time because it would take us three full life times to get close enough to God’s perfection in order to understand His ways.

So, if we look at things this way, seven seems to represent a very long period of time before God will judge our souls either by sending us to Heaven or Hell based on how good or bad we have been during our lives on Earth.

We also need to know that according to the Bible, God created everything in seven days. This means that he has been creating things for the last six thousand years which means that we are living in the seventh millennium since He started creating this world and all life on it.

There is also another interesting thing about this: according to Bible, the end of times will come 7000 years after Adam was created.

If we add 5000 years from when we think that Jesus Christ got born into this equation then we arrive at the date 2012 A.D!

Some Areas Of Contradiction

The only problem with finding out how old something is by adding six thousand years to our current calendar’s date is that nobody knows when exactly Jesus Christ was born so there is a great margin of error here.

However, what makes things even more suspicious is that year 2012 A.D is the only date that comes as a result of adding those numbers together.

It is not just a coincidence that this date is our current year since every other possibility will come as a negative number which means you would have to add minus five thousand years to your current calendar’s date in order to get the right answer.

If we take 2012 A.D and add minus 5000 years then we arrive at the date which according to many religious people is going to be the end of times – 23 December of year -3449 A.D!

Now, let us go back to Genesis story again because it proves without any doubt that God did create everything within seven days although there are some things I need you know about it: some people believe that God created everything in ~144 hours but if we take into consideration the fact that some things were being created while others had already existed it would mean that the figure of 144 hours is wrong.

The Genesis Story And The Time

Now, let us see how many days did things take to happen according to book of Genesis:

It took six days for God to create Adam and Eve, day seven he rested.

It took one day for him to fill our world with vegetation.

It took two days for him to make sun, moon and stars.

He made birds on fifth day and animals on sixth day.

Man was created on first day but Adam himself was not given a soul until the last hour of sixth day because God needed to take one of Adam’s ribs to create woman from it.

So, if we add up all the days then we arrive at a figure of six and since God rested on seventh day this means that he created everything in seven consecutive periods of 24 hours each.

This is how things look like:

First day: 1 hour

Second day: 2 hours

Third day: 4 hours

Fourth day: 5 hours

Fifth day: 12 hours

Sixth day: 17 hours

Seventh day: 23 hours (creation was finished) – God rested for 1 hour- Total number of elapsed time for creation = 40 Hours.

So there you have it! Seven days equals forty hours!

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