The 4 Benefits of Praying Daily For Christians

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Starting Off With A Bible Verse (Romans 12:2)

For starters, we’d like to refer to the Bible to frame our message.

When we think about daily habits, we are reminded of this Bible passage from Romans 12:2.

Please keep this verse in mind as you read through this article.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2

What is Your Current Prayer Schedule?

If you’re anything like our other followers, you might say once a month or once a week. That’s a common response from most Christians. Some may also say a little less often than that. But we’re also not here to judge, only that can be done by God. Maybe you don’t currently have a prayer schedule – that’s okay too. We all start somewhere.

But what’s keeping you from establishing a daily prayer practice? Take a moment to think about your answer. Try not to judge yourself as you answer this question.

What if there was a way to increase your likelihood of practicing at the same time, every day?

We’ll show you why it’s so important to have a daily prayer practice, and one simple way to remember to keep on doing it, day after day.

1. “Prayer” Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that doing the same thing repeatedly, more deeply establishes that habit. Whether it be running, dieting, calling a loved one, and even prayer.

Starting off any habit is initially difficult, and then after a period of several days, it for some reason becomes a lot easier to do. Daily prayer is no different. Most people know that they want to pray daily and that it’s probably “a good idea”, but if we’re being honest with ourselves – how many people are devout to this practice every single day? The important part here is to be honest with ourselves about our relationship with God and the Bible. I know many deeply faithful and devout Christian’s, and only a small percentage of them pray daily.

In a scientific or biological perspective, this concept is known as Neuroplasticity. If you aren’t a fan of science, this point is meant to showcase the following: “we are what we repeatedly do”.

Neuroplasticity is defined as the ability for neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. Some people don’t like mixing science with religion and we want to respect that. But we believe that science is a God created concept, and was put here on earth for us to better understand the world around us. Science is a tool that we can use to better understand the world around us, and even our one worlds.

One of the benefits of Bible Hint is that it sends a text message, at the same time, every single day. So the habit of daily prayer can also be established at the same time, every day. That’s the goal here.

So say you are trying to establish a morning prayer or meditation session. By using our daily texting service, you can much more easily and quickly establish the practice of habit. As soon as you get the text message, you know it’s time for your prayer session to begin. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Every day, you will receive a new, motivational text message from the Bible. We have over 10,000 motivational and inspirational text messages and our verses are never repeated.

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This passage perfectly describes how Christianity and a daily habit go hand in hand. We are being guided to change through new experiences and new habits and ideas. And only by doing these new actions (daily prayer) we will find what is “good” and “perfect” in this world.

2. Increase Your Feelings of Gratitude

There’s hardly any one out there that would disagree with this point, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. Why do we pray? It sounds like a simple question, but there are dozens of reasons or answers to this question.

We become better people, as we develop our sense of gratitude. This can be sped up, through prayer.

Through prayer, our feelings of gratitude are focused on and by virtue of this – are expressed and increased. This builds off of the idea of prayer being a habit in point one. It is those actions in life that we focus and pay attention to that are most deeply expressed.

Another very popular idea among our community is Prayer Journaling. The idea here is that you would take notes after each session of ideas that came to mind. Also taking note of people and things that you prayed for. Over time, you will be able to see if there are any themes to your prayer, and you’ll be able to see improvements, too.

One of the major benefits of daily prayer that we see is simply an increase in one’s gratitude. We have experienced this first hand. We think gratitude and gratefulness go together and is something that we should all strive to have more of in our lives. Simply put: through prayer, we become more grateful. And only that daily practice, will allow us to continue on our journey of gratitude, day by day. Prayer allows us to focus on the things in the back of our minds that we subconsciously need to asses and address, but the tasks of our lives get in the way. Prayer shines a spotlight on these lesser tended to ideas.

There’s an incredibly high correlation between the feeling of gratitude and the frequency in which one prays. Can you find me a person who prays daily and is ungrateful? We don’t think so, either.

3) Strengthen Your Relationship With God

This one is pretty obvious, but how could we leave it out?

Through prayer, we are able to connect with God and continue to establish our relationship with Him.

That’s one of the basis tenants of Christianity, to admit our flaws as imperfect humans and to seek salvation and ultimately judgment from God.

During prayer, you are connecting with God. By doing this every day, you continue to come back and work on your relationship with God. This repetition is what we advocate for at Bible Hint.

Your many relationships as a Christian is multi-faceted. You have a relationship with yourself, your community, your congregation, and even God. Think about that a little bit more for a moment. Think about the ways in which you and connect and communicate with God. At Bible Hint, we think prayer is one of the smartest and easiest ways to continue to establish this bond with God.

By praying daily, we are able to strengthen and further our bond with God. We think that this is best done daily. You need to figure out a time of day that works best for you. That’s why, with our daily text messaging service, our prayer schedule is already defined for us. We wake up, get the text message and then start to pray. Leaving it to chance or saying “I will get to it later” never works. We need to be diligent and steadfast in our practice in order to make the habit stick.

4) Something You Can Do Alone

This is probably my favorite item on the list. As it’s something that can’t be taken away from you and applies to every human on earth.

While physically attending Church has been taken from most people, there’s one thing that no matter where you are in the world – you can perform daily. And that is “Prayer”.

This is something that we love about faith. It is your journey and your relationship alone. Yes, you are part of a larger community and group, but it is fundamentally your own relationship with God and yourself that you are managing.

There’s no need to wait for others, you don’t need to do it on anyone else’s schedule.

You just need yourself and a few moments alone to do it. That’s it.

You can be in a hotel across the world, in your car, or on a walk in the woods. There is no discrimination in prayer. There are no limits to how short or how long a session must be. And the best component about prayer is that no matter who you are – you can do it. The only prerequisite to prayer is being alive.

We’ll let you in on a little secret too, you don’t have to be sitting with your arms folded across your bed to pray. Get creative with your prayer and your positioning. Simply be still and close your eyes. From there, make the practice your own and don’t feel that you had to subscribe to how other people engage in the act of prayer. If you can make it your own, we feel strongly that will help you continue to practice.

Thanks for taking some time to more deeply explore your Christianity with us, and attempt to improve your prayer frequency.

By exploring some of the important benefits, we feel that should be enough to persuade a few of you to rethink your practice of prayer.

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