Is Tithing In The New Testament

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Tithing is a practice of giving a portion of one’s earnings or resources back to God in the form of a religious offering or donation.

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Is Tithing In The New Testament?

Tithing is a practice of giving a portion of one’s earnings or resources back to God in the form of a religious offering or donation. It has been in existence since the time of the Old Testament and is still actively practiced by many Christians today. But the question remains: does the New Testament address tithing?

The answer is complicated, as tithing is mentioned in a few places in the New Testament, but its application is not always clear. According to Jesus, tithing is a form of obedience to God and should be practiced with an attitude of gratitude and joy (Matthew 23:23). In Luke 11:42, Jesus speaks of a widow who “out of her poverty put in all she had to live on” in terms of a tithe, and in Hebrews 7:5-9, Melchizedek is described as both priest and king, suggesting his tax (tithe) on the people of Salem was based on religious rather than civil requirements.

The New Testament also speaks of giving in the form of “alms” (Luke 11:41) or “voluntary” contributions (2 Corinthians 9:7). These forms of giving are seen as being distinct from tithing, although they are related in the sense that they are both a way of expressing our gratitude to God.

The debate over whether tithing is mentioned in the New Testament largely revolves around the fact that it cannot be proven one way or the other whether tithing is required of Christians today. Although tithing is commended by Jesus and is found in the Old Testament, the New Testament does not explicitly command it of those living in the new covenant.

Tithing is a way of exercising faith, obeying the will of God, and showing gratitude to Him for all He has done for us. It is also a way to demonstrate our commitment to God and His church by using the resources He has entrusted to us for His Kingdom. Even though there is disagreement among Christians about the application of tithing in the New Testament, there is no doubt that this act of obedience and stewardship has the potential to be an incredibly powerful way of honoring God and expressing our thankfulness and love for Him.

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