Is Kevin Kline Catholic

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Kevin Kline is a celebrated American actor best known for his roles in popular films such as A Fish Called Wanda, for which he won an Oscar, and the voice of Olaf in Frozen.

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Is Kevin Kline Catholic?

Kevin Kline is a celebrated American actor best known for his roles in popular films such as A Fish Called Wanda, for which he won an Oscar, and the voice of Olaf in Frozen. But what about his religious background? Is Kevin Kline Catholic?

Most reports about Kline’s religious background indicate that he is Catholic. One source notes that he was raised Catholic, and still regularly attends Mass in the US during holidays such as Christmas and Easter. In addition, in an interview Kline gave to The New York Times in December 2018, he was quoted as saying he had been a “committed Catholic” all his life.

In the same interview, Kevin Kline also expressed admiration for Pope Francis and his efforts to create positive change in the Catholic Church. He said, “I love what Pope Francis is doing and that’s mighty rare these days. He’s really tackling the critical issues of our time, and I hope the Church continues to be open to his progressive ideas.”

Kline has also showed his Catholic faith on the big screen. He starred in a film about a young atheist, and his character’s strong Catholic faith was a key theme in the film. Kline told The New York Times, “My character tries to reconcile his faith with the fact of a world that can be so cruel. And that’s something I understand, as a Catholic.”

In addition, Kevin Kline has publicly supported a number of Catholic organizations, including Catholic Charities and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Catholic Education Foundation for two years.

So, the answer to the question “Is Kevin Kline Catholic?” appears to be an unequivocal yes. Kline has repeatedly expressed his faith in interviews and supported Catholic organizations, suggesting he is a committed Catholic. Thus, it is safe to assume that Kevin Kline is in fact Catholic.

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