Is Bing Crosby Catholic

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Bing Crosby, the legendary singer and actor of the mid-20th century, was born and raised as a Catholic, and his religious beliefs remained strong throughout his lifetime.

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Is Bing Crosby Catholic?

Bing Crosby, the legendary singer and actor of the mid-20th century, was born and raised as a Catholic, and his religious beliefs remained strong throughout his lifetime. Although he rarely discussed his faith publicly, his commitment to the Roman Catholic Church was evident in his everyday life.

Bing Crosby, who was born Harry Lillis Crosby, was one of seven children in a devout Catholic family in Spokane, Washington. His parents, Harry and Catherine Harrigan Crosby, were staunch adherents to the Roman Catholic faith, and all of their children—Bing, Everett, Larry, Mary Rose, Bob, Ted, and Phil—were baptized and raised in the Church.

As a young man, Bing attended Gonzaga High School, a Catholic prep school operated by the Jesuit order, and later attended Gonzaga University, where he received a degree in law. Throughout his life, he was known to attend Mass regularly and to be a strong supporter of the Church.

For example, his son Gary Crosby related to the Los Angeles Times that his father had sent him to a Catholic boarding school and that he had been very active in their parish. In 1990, Bing was even awarded an honorary doctorate from Gonzaga University in recognition of his lifelong support of the school’s Catholic mission.

In addition, throughout his career in show business, Bing was known to incorporate his faith into his own performances. He often performed Catholic hymns and liturgical music, and often gave the proceeds from these performances to the Church.

In short, throughout his lifetime, Bing Crosby was a devoted Roman Catholic, and his faith became an integral part of his life and career. He was a frequent Mass attendee, a generous supporter of Catholic schools and missions, and a vocal proponent of the Church’s teachings. He was a shining example of how a committed Catholic can lead a successful and meaningful life.

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