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How To Teach Children To Love Going To Church

Written by Bible Hint

August 17, 2021

young child reading the bible

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How To Teach Young Children To Love Going To Church

Have you noticed that your child dislikes going to church?

Are you looking for ways to help your child love the church? Our responsibility as parents or guardians to our children or wards is to lead them to Jesus. To help them grow in the way and fear of the Lord.

You’re experiencing something that millions of other parents experience. You’re at a pivotal point and it’s important to handle this tough situation with a lot of consideration.

As parents, we want our children to live a life deeply rooted in our Christian faith.

A Bible verse that always comes to mind when I think about this topic is the following:

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and he will not depart from it when he is old.

Don’t worry; we will help you get this right. But first, let’s find out why some kids do not really like to be in church.

If your kids are a little older and in their teens, we’ve covered How To Encourage Teens To Develop Their Christian Faith, here.

Also, if your child is old enough to have a cell phone, consider signing them up for daily Bible verse text messages (SMS) here. We send to all 50 states and this is an excellent way to keep your child aligned with the word of God.

Why Don’t Kids Like Going To Church?

It’s unusual for a kid not to like going to church. You may ask why? But yea, It depends on the kind of kid. There are kids that, from birth, love everything church. There are some you may have to do a little push to motivate them like anything church.

Some factors could influence a child not liking to be in church. You can check these reasons out;

Firstly, he doesn’t like the mode of worship in the adult church; he can’t fit in with adult stuff and so maybe much willing to be in church if he finds himself around an environment that has activities within his level or is comfortable to relate with. Something like putting him in a children’s church.

Secondly, if the activities he finds around the children’s church do not interest him, it could turn him off. Kids want trending varieties that can engage them. They tend to feel accomplished when involved in activities, games, or bible quiz that puts them to achieve a task. Providing Topics and activities that don’t interest them will bore them, so they’ll refuse to go to church.

Thirdly, Parents having a lousy attitude towards going to church. As a parent, you have a lot to do. If A value system you have to present at home is lacking and not matching with what is taught in church, these kids would not be motivated to come.

Don’t be deceived; kids are pretty sensitive to all you do, what you prioritize and what you believe in. As a mom or dad, I urge you to practice what you learn from the church at home. Do not drop your kids off in the church and drive home to do laundry on a Sunday morning or during bible study/ mid-week service hours. They take note of how less important you see the church and do likewise. Your child should know that the family has morning devotion time, prayer time, and more. And he should know the character of Christ and the trust you have in Jesus reflected in you. Else, they will definitely not take it seriously.

Fourthly, when a child cannot make friends in the church, he feels he doesn’t belong in that community of kids. He feels left out and prefers to stay home than in that environment having something to deal with.

Fifthly, The type of teacher in charge of the children’s church. Good teachers, caring, loving, and accommodating can influence kids to like coming to church. Kids can’t thrive in a loveless environment. They don’t like harsh uncles and aunties as teachers.

What Can I Do To Help My Child In Church?

Dear mom and dad, there are ways you could help your child love the church. Being the parent of that child, you have the power to influence your child. Now, this is not done by force.

Firstly, learn to pray for that child. Don’t stop praying. Whatever you desire over your children’s life can be made a reality through persistent prayer over them.

Secondly; Set the example first. Kids learn by what they see you do overtime. Become a committed member of a church and be punctual in your attendance. Most importantly, you should reflect on what they teach in the church to see, believe, and become.

Thirdly; Allow your kids to get engaged with the activities in the children’s ministry. Let them find interest in what they’re provided for their level. By doing so, they learn to free up and be eager to be present the following Sunday.

Fourthly; Deliberately ask your children what they learn after each Sunday meeting. They want to know if you’re interested in knowing what they learned. Ask them if they were able to answer questions or achieved tasks given to them. And give them a listening ear. Find out if they were able to memorize the bible verses they were taught in church. Know areas they’re finding difficult and help them walk through them.

Find a rewarding system to help them get motivated to do more. Kids love to impress their parents. Gift them with little things, especially when they attempt any task or perform well.

How Can I Help My Child Live In Faith?

Children are susceptible to whatever you hold with so much relevance.

Introduce the holy spirit to them at an early stage.

Thinking of what conversation to have with your kids in this context, I’ll suggest you start by knowing their interest area from the scriptures and move to talk about other stories in the bible. Be a good storyteller and master the act of teaching your kids.

Talk about their heroes of the bible and link it to God’s love. Take your time on each conversation. Get their responses before you move to the next. Always practicalize through your body language and expressing love from the way you speak.

Tell them about heaven and hell, not to scare them. Let them begin to know what sin is and how dangerous it is.

Lastly, ask them intriguing questions that will get their attention, And so you may talk to them about Jesus.

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