How Many Sheep Were On Noah’s Ark

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Noah’s Ark is well-known throughout the Bible and is a pivotal moment in the narrative of God’s relationship with his people. Numerous stories and parables are based on this miraculous event.

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How Many Sheep Were On Noah’s Ark?

Noah’s Ark is well-known throughout the Bible and is a pivotal moment in the narrative of God’s relationship with his people. Numerous stories and parables are based on this miraculous event. It’s highlighted in the Book of Genesis and is believed to have held two of every animal, bird, and creature. But how many sheep were on Noah’s Ark?

The Bible never gives us a precise number of the animals on board the Ark. According to Genesis 6:19, God instructed Noah to take “two of all living creatures, a male and a female, into the ark”. While there are no specific references in the Bible regarding the number of sheep, it’s likely that the Ark held more than just two sheep. As a large part of the ancient Hebrew economy relied on the production of sheep, and the ancients were known to keep a lot of them, this is a reasonable assumption.

The Bible also describes how the animals were arranged on the Ark and gives us an idea of how many sheep were present. In Genesis 6:19-20, we see that the animals were placed into “pairs”. This suggests, then, that even if only two sheep had been taken on the Ark, they would have been a male and a female.

Throughout the Bible, the topic of sheep is brought up numerous times. And in many of these passages, the references are to flocks of sheep. For example, Psalm 78:52 mentions “flocks of sheep” and Psalm 79:13 speaks of “flocks of sheep, which were once yours”. The use of this language suggests that the Ark contained more than just two sheep.

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