How Many People On Noah’s Ark

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Noah’s Ark is one of the most enduring and admired stories from the Bible. It stands as a testament to God’s love, faithfulness, and mercy over his people.

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How Many People On Noah’s Ark?

Noah’s Ark is one of the most enduring and admired stories from the Bible. It stands as a testament to God’s love, faithfulness, and mercy over his people. Although the story is not specifically given in the Bible, many biblical scholars agree that there were eight people on the Ark, including Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives. The story of Noah’s Ark is found in the Bible in Genesis 6.

God instructed Noah to build an ark in order to save his family and two of every living creature from the great flood that was to be sent down upon the earth to purge the wickedness of mankind. Noah was obedient to the Lord and built the ark according to his specifications. As the flood waters rose, the Lord brought pairs of every kind of animal, so that they might be preserved, and also every kind of bird, every creeping thing, and every kind of beast onto the ark. Thus, there were two of each kind of animal on the ark, as well as at least eight human passengers, which makes the total count on the ark either 8 or 10 (depending on which biblical scholars you consult, some argue there were 10 people on the ark due to the presence of Noah’s sons’ wives).

Noah and all of the other passengers on the ark were a testament to the faithfulness of God. In spite of the wickedness of mankind, he still provided a way for them to be spared from destruction. As we consider the story of Noah’s ark, let us take stock of our own lives and ask ourselves, “What am I doing to be faithful to God and his promises?”

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