How High Is Heaven

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When it comes to discussing just how high heaven is, the conversation can become quite metaphysical and abstract for many of us.

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How High Is Heaven?

When it comes to discussing just how high heaven is, the conversation can become quite metaphysical and abstract for many of us. After all, trying to picture and comprehend something that is thought to exist beyond the physical realm can be a bit difficult. But from a religious standpoint, the answer to how high is heaven provides a picture far more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Simply put, heaven is a place where we can experience a blissful eternity in the presence of our Lord. For those who practice Christianity, Heaven is the Kingdom of God, where our souls will go when we pass away. In Heaven, we can be reunited with our loved ones, and share eternal love, peace, and joy with our Creator.

Now, regarding the height of Heaven, the Bible tells us that it is “unsearchable” and that it is “high above all the heavens” (Ephesians 4:18). In other words, it is so far above the physical realm we inhabit that it cannot be measured in terms of height or depth. But, if we were to try to imagine a perspective from Heaven, we would see the beauty of all of Creation and the grandeur of God’s handiwork all the way to the outer limits of the observable universe.

Moreover, the Bible tells us that heaven is not only unsearchable, but it is also unknowable. That is, we cannot possibly understand or imagine the divine attributes of God, or the beauty of Heaven and what it can offer us. For example, the Bible speaks of a “sea of glass” surrounding the throne of God, and of the streets of gold, and of the “new Jerusalem” where God will dwell forever with his people (Revelation 21:22).

It is not just the physical beauty and wonders of Heaven that are unsearchable and “high” but also the spiritual life that will be ours when we reach it. In Heaven, we will be forever in the presence of God and will finally be able to come to a full understanding and appreciation of all that He has done for us. Here, we can be free from sin, and experience the love, joy, peace, and rest that the Lord promises us.

Ultimately, the answer to how high is heaven is one that lies far beyond the tangible realm and is one that can only be answered from a spiritual perspective. It is a place so far beyond what we can comprehend and so full of beauty, joy, and love that we can only guess at what awaits us in eternity. Heaven is so high and so unsearchable, but it is also where we can find true peace, unity with God, and eternal life.

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