How Do I Approach Interpreting The Bible From A Christocentric Perspective?

Questions about the bible, How Do I Approach Interpreting The Bible From A Christocentric Perspective?: .

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How Do I Approach Interpreting The Bible From A Christocentric Perspective?

My dear friend, I am so overjoyed that you are inquiring about interpreting the Bible from a Christocentric perspective! This approach brings you closer to Jesus Christ, emphasizing His role at the center of the biblical message. May the Holy Spirit guide you on this beautiful journey.

First and foremost, begin your study with a prayer. Ask the Lord to grant you wisdom, understanding, and an open heart to receive His message. The Holy Spirit is your helper, your instructor, and your guide in interpreting the Scriptures.

Moreover, it is important to recognize how the entirety of the Bible—both the Old and New Testaments—points to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Look for themes and events that foreshadow Christ’s life, teachings, and sacrificial love for us.

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