Does The New Testament Talk About Tithing

Questions about the bible, Does The New Testament Talk About Tithing:

Tithing is a subject that receives extensive coverage in the New Testament scriptures, and provides an integral part of the moral and spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Does The New Testament Talk About Tithing?

Tithing is a subject that receives extensive coverage in the New Testament scriptures, and provides an integral part of the moral and spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ. In a broad sense, tithes are offerings to God or another higher power and are often used to support the church or a cause related to faith. The Bible as a whole does not expressly state any rules or regulations for paying tithes, rather, it is a matter of practice, personal conviction, and standards of faith.

The New Testament includes references to a practice of giving tithes, which were voluntary offerings given by believers to support the ministry of Jesus and the church, or simply to further their spiritual growth. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ himself speaks of tithing with words of appreciation. In Matthew 23, Jesus commended the religious leaders of his time for their diligence in paying their tithes. This is an example of the importance of tithing in the eyes of Jesus.

The New Testament also mentions tithing as a spiritual practice during the time of Christ’s ministry. The apostle Paul taught that believers should give generously of their means to further the cause of the gospel. In 2 Corinthians 8-9, Paul wrote that the Macedonians were “zealously desirous to give” and were “the firstfruits of their own abundance” to the Lord. In Romans 12:13, he said that believers should “render their contribution gladly.”

The New Testament also speaks to the righteousness of tithing. Hebrews 7:5 declares that tithes are the “payment of a debt.” Malachi 3:8-12 further declares that the Lord “requires” tithes and gives a warning against “robbing” God by withholding tithes. Similarly, Jesus explains in Luke 11:42 that “givers of alms” are “better than givers of tithes.” The New Testament emphasizes that tithes should be given from a generous and thankful heart, and not out of any forced obligation.

In summary, the New Testament speaks extensively about the importance of tithing. Tithing is a religious practice that believers in Christ can voluntarily partake in as part of their spiritual growth and devotion to the Lord. In addition to being a communal practice that helps support the church, it is also an act of righteousness, humility, and thankfulness that can deepen one’s faith and relationship with God. Therefore, the New Testament provides teachings, guidance, and support in regard to tithing that can help believers grow in their faith and be generous givers.

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