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5 Steps to Support Generous Giving During Rough Times

Written by Bible Hint

March 30, 2022

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Action #1. Admit that You Fret about Your Giving (Not the World’s Anyway)

Your giving is not the issue; the world’s isn’t either. What matters is what God is doing through your giving as seen by God. Is your church truly giving God a helping hand? Is your community helping meet needs? Are you showing generosity toward those who deserve it? That’s what counts.

Action #2: Admit to God Your Struggles Giving and Ask for Help

Maybe Jesus didn’t have to admit that he wasn’t in the mood for miracles because this was an important and historic moment in the story. The rest of the gospel does seem much more focused on Jesus’ miracle-working ability, but a crucial moment does call on him to take the human leap, to show what he is capable of.

So it is with giving. Ask God where you are failing and confess to God that you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing. Then, if God seems to be asking for something important and difficult, he may have a word for how he wants to work in your heart and give through your church.

Action #3: Admit to Your Church That You Fret About Giving (Not the World’s Anyway)

A church is about community. The gospel gives us a vision for how to love others as God loves us. Part of that is understanding how giving works in God’s economy. We don’t live to save people or to live at the expense of others. Our giving is about God’s grace. And grace helps people to trust that.

In fact, people respond more happily to “generous givers” who don’t have to show up with a wad of cash. When they see you share what you have freely, it changes how they think about giving, too. Generosity makes you a model and that’s contagious.

Action #4: Let Your Church know You Are Confident in Their God-Given Ability for Giving

You needn’t let your church in on your worries about giving but you do need to let them know you trust that God will use them when you can’t give. If your church says “It’s not about the money it’s about loving our neighbor as ourselves,” then God would let them know their words are true for you. Your faithfulness will mean that. Show them by your confidence and faithfulness.

Action #5: Let Your Church Know that You Wish to Be a Generous Giver, Too

When you don’t give, your lack of giving says louder than your checks that you don’t think the church’s needs are very important. So go ahead and offer to give and then make good on your intent. In tough times, people are more likely to give if they know that another person will make good on their gifts too.

Don’t get caught-up in the emotion of the day. Let your church know they can count on you when things aren’t working. Your giving that demonstrates your trust in the church and a sense of commitment to this community is what brings blessing to their work. If you want to be a generous giver, now is the time to ask.

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